Saturday, May 31, 2014

Some old photographs from the 1940's!

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Here's some old photographs I found from the 1940's.
I used to not appreciate this stuff as much, being a guy that gravitates more towards the styles of the 1920's, but postwar smut is cool too! It's a different attitude, but still classic smut just the same.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Vile pornographer artist revolutionaries?

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Early pornographers broke as many taboos as they could. They also didn't force an unrealistic standard of beauty on you, like now.
The first photographs like this started to show up in France around 1845. They were sold under the table, from opticians, instrument makers, and art dealerships.

In the 1870's they started printing this stuff on postcards, although they were never intended to be sent through the mail, cause all this stuff was against the law!
You were going against mainstream society's values if you were involved in this underground business in any way; buying, selling, or creating..... And the more puritan the societal values.... The harder the whip cracked.
This stuff almost completely died in Germany, as the nazi movement rose to power.
Much of the printed material from this time period has been destroyed by special task forces of the day, appointed to confiscate "obscene" material.
This post features some of the images that still survive.

Were these early pornographers artists? ...Revolutionaries? ... Or just vile pornographers?
Maybe they're a little of each.
Cheers folks ~Stymee

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Model Study Magazines from the 1920's

Smut for artists!

Because of the massive interest in this smut blog, I've decided to post some more stuff from my collection.
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Anyways, a while back I won a bid on a stack of loose pages from a handful of model study magazines from the 1920's. Some of them were in pretty rough shape, but here they are. Really cool stuff! Submitted for your artistic endeavors.
Click on the images to enlarge em'.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Welcome to Stymee's Stack O' Smut

Smut Sampler

the kind of stuff I'll be posting on here

Magazines like Beauty Parade, Wink, Eyeful, and Titter

these are all titles by Robert Harrison.
most of this stuff is a mix between slapstick humor and good ol' fashioned 1940's and 50's sleaze.  for the longest time I wasn't into erotica past the 1930's but reading "Dian Hanson's: the history of men's magazines" has given me more of an appreciation for this goof ball cheese cake fetish stuff.I also really like the hand drawn covers that were usually done by Peter Driben.

Model Study Magazines

from the 1920's and 30's
you know... for artists!

for those of you who've never seen these before, these were sold as magazines to aid the artist who couldn't afford a model.... but really it's pictures of naked girls.

Postcards and original photographs

it's the hard stuff folks!

it's funny how most people think pornography is something new.
it's as old as the human race!
in 1841 a guy by the name of William Fox Talbot patented the first way to essentially mass produce photographs. the Calotyp process. this technology was immediately put to use to bring you pictures of naked people doing it.
... and before the dawn of photography people have been drawling, painting, and engraving this sort of thing.
the more you know!